Posts and Tasks


2017- …PhD Research Fellow | University of Southern Denmark | Department of Design and Communication

2015 – … Vice-Director | HUMAN Research Center| Hacettepe University Micro-Analysis Network

2013 – 2014 Visiting Researcher | University of Lausanne | Centre de linguistique et des sciences du langage 

2009- 2017 Research Assistant | Hacettepe University | French Language Teaching | Faculty of Education



Parallel Worlds? Early Foreign Language Teaching and Teacher Education in Denmark and Turkey, 2016-2017
International Networks Programme: HUMAN (Hacettepe University Micro Analysis Network) Research Centre and the University of Southern Denmark

Funded by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology, and Innovation
Contribution: Researcher


Conference Organisations

HUMAN Social Interaction and Applied Linguistics Postgraduate Conference, Ankara, 08 September 2015. (co-chair)
HUMAN Conversation Analysis Research Day, Ankara, 10 March 2017. (co-chair)


Grants and Scholarships

August 2013-February 2014 | BAB6091 International Scientific Cooperation (Hacettepe University grant)

July 2012 | CLA University of Franche-Compté, The Centre for Applied Linguistics Besançon, France (French government grant)

July 2010 | BELC, University of Nantes, Summer School Nantes, France (French government grant)

March 2006 | Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Foreign Affairs and European Union Ankara, Turkey


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